Making a difference for Michigan families this winter.

Michigan winters are unpredictable – they can be bitterly cold and blustery, or mild and damp like this past year – but the reality of families, children and seniors who struggle to pay their utility bills does not fluctuate with the weather.

Each year, thousands of Michigan households are unable to pay their energy bills, and face the possibility of having their lights and heat turned off. A home without heat or electricity can be unbearable, even in above-freezing temperatures.

Nearly 70% of households assisted by THAW include a child or senior.  Seniors are particularly vulnerable to the dangers associated with living without electricity and heat, especially when they have medical conditions that require constant monitoring. THAW works tirelessly – in any weather – to provide energy assistance that keeps families healthy and safe.

This year, during THAW’s 7th Annual Week of Warmth sponsored by DTE Energy, we aim to raise and distribute $1 million throughout the state via customer assistance days and other outreach events. Working with DTE and our important partner agencies, THAW uses these dollars to provide for the immediate needs of those in crisis, and also equips our clients with tools, technology and tips to move towards energy self-sufficiency in the future. Together we can improve energy affordability for households across Michigan. Together we can improve the lives of these families, children and seniors.


  • Since 1985 THAW has helped over 223,000 households stay warm.
  • Last year THAW partnered with 56 service agencies in over 70 Michigan counties.
  • Over 28,000 children and 4,800 senior citizens lived in households that received THAW utility assistance last year.
  • Since 1985 THAW has distributed over $160 million in assistance to more than 223,000 Michigan households.